Recall Carlsbad City Councilmember Cori Schumacher

Carlsbad City Councilmember Cori Schumacher created a toxic environment in our city and must be recalled from office before more damage is done.

In March 2021, a Superior Court judge found Schumacher liable for harassment and retaliation against several of her constituents – and her misdeeds could now end up costing taxpayers more than $100,000 in legal fees!

Put an end to the hostile environment at City Hall. Help recall Cory Schumacher from the Carlsbad City Council.

Recall Cori Schumacher

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Schumacher destroys jobs and hurts our kids.

As Carlsbad struggled with Covid-19 lockdowns, Cori Schumacher made matters much worse. Instead of seeking to help those who were struggling to survive, Schumacher threatened working families and struggling small businesses with sweeping fines and enforcement penalties. Schumacher turned a blind eye to the suffering of our children and youth by aggressively fighting any attempt to reopen our schools.

Schumacher was found liable for harassment and retaliation.

Schumacher’s bad policies pale in comparison to her bad behavior. After a group of constituents began to criticize her poor performance on the city council and her bad policies, Cori Schumacher retaliated against them by filing a false report with law enforcement accusing them of making violent threats. Schumacher not only was defaming and slandering innocent individuals, but she diverted resources that should have been spent on legitimate victims of domestic violence.

In March 2021, a San Diego Superior Court judge found Schumacher’s accusations were false and without merit – and that her abuse of the court system to harass and retaliate against her constituents actually violated their Constitutional rights. As a result, the judge held her liable – and her misdeeds could now end up costing taxpayers more than $100,000!

Schumacher abused taxpayer funds for personal gain.

Cori Schumacher has a pattern of engaging in corrupt “pay-to-play politics” to reward her campaign donors. After receiving substantial financial support in her city council campaign from unionized trade and construction groups, Schumacher has relentlessly pushed to use project labor agreements (PLAs) to unfairly limit competition on city and county contracts to favor her supporters. Schumacher’s proposed PLAs hurt small businesses and minority, veteran, and women contractors and increase costs to taxpayers on projects by 25-30%. The little guy can’t compete and you pay more – but Schumacher’s campaign donors get rewarded.


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Recall Events

Recall Signature Drive By Rally - Thursday May 13th - 3 to 6pm.  Get details here >>
Recall Signature Canvassing Kick Off - Saturday May 15th - 9 to 10am.  Get details here >>